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It all started in 2016 during a round-the-world trip when Brian, co-founder of FairTrip, realized how difficult it was to find information about local and authentic places. At the same time, he was struck to find out how tourism in developing countries was only benefiting a few while the local population didn’t appear to get any improvements in its quality of life.

That’s how the idea of FairTrip was born: to create a global community through the power of new technologies to help travelers find local and authentic places that would allow them to live special and unforgettable travel experiences while at the same time having a positive impact on the visited place by directly benefiting the local community.


Over the long term, FairTrip’s objective is to create a dynamic for a true and deep change in the way we travel so that the tourism industry can truly become a lever of inclusive and sustainable economic growth as well as a vector of world poverty reduction.

We also think that by bringing cultures together, tourism can promote mutual understanding and help to consolidate peace in the world.


We believe in a fair and sustainable tourism. 

Together, let’s change the world while traveling!



Travel Different

The FairTrip app is a free collaborative guide that helps travelers to find and share local and authentic places while having a positive social and economic impact on the visited place. 


Any user can add new places in one tap, provided that it meet the FairTrip criteria: Authentic, Green, Local, Social and Fair.

Each place is submitted for approval to the FairTrip team before appearing on the app and, afterwards, users can still report those who no longer meet the criteria, those who have closed, etc. Every FairTrip user is actually a potential guide.


FairTrip is the first mobile app in the world dedicated to fair and sustainable tourism. Available on iOS and Android, the app counts more than 3,000 locations worldwide.


As a social and innovative startup, we have only one goal: put FairTrip in the hands of all travelers wanting to find authentic places all around the world and have the biggest and widest impact to make tourism inclusive and sustainable. 


Know more about our guidelines.


Meet The Team

Brian Corrieri - FairTrip

Brian Corrieri


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Graduated in Political Science and two Master's degrees in Law from Lyon 2 University, I worked as a parliamentary assistant for 4 years at the French Senate where I was led to work on matters linked to international development. 

With this experience, I decided to travel with the aim of discovering other cultures, learning different ways of life and confronting other realities, because I am convinced that traveling is the key to opening our mind to the world. 

I started a 10-month trip in 2016, accross 11 countries, in Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Southern Africa. I had the opportunity to volunteer in two orphanages, for 2 weeks in Cambodia and 6 weeks in South Africa. 

This journey, and the relentless finding of an unequal distribution of income from a tourism that is unfortunately too formatted, led me to create FairTrip. 


Alexandra Cofano


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Business engineer, I worked in various big groups related to telecommunications and technology. On the side of my professional career, I started to write a blog named "Le Clan des Sens", where I made portraits of farmers and chefs who provide themselves directly from the local farmers.


Gourmet and defender of farmers, this activity became little by little very important to me and give me complete personal and professional satisfaction. So I decided to do it as a full time job. I started to do something which is meaningful to me : support and promote an other way of consumption, more respectful of the environment and full of sense. 


I met the FairTrip Team and embarked on a journey to reach my goal : enable everyone to discover great places while having a positive impact and supporting the local economy.

Thévi de Coninck - FairTrip

Thévi de Coninck


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Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Law and Political Science and a Master's Degree in Marketing and Communication from Paris 2 University. As a communications expert, I started my career as a strategic planner in a communication agency where I worked for consumer brands. I then specialized in press and public relations by accompanying start-ups. Since 2015, I am in charge of the international communication of a great meeting app.

It's in 2008, in the United States, that Brian and I met during our year of study abroad. Together, we explored this country.


Passionate about traveling, I have traveled extensively in Asia, including Cambodia where I have my origins and where I am convinced, both there and around the world, that tourism can inspire positive dynamics for the inhabitants and make the difference.

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